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How to maintain my brows groomed after micro pigmentation or micro blading?

There are many options available, the most common we see are: Waxing, threading or tweezing

Here are the key differences between them

1. Brow Threading: Brow threading is a hair removal technique that uses a twisted thread to trap and remove individual hairs from the root. The thread is rolled over the unwanted hair, catching and pulling it out. Threading is known for its precision. It allows for the removal of individual hairs, making it easier to create precise and defined eyebrow shapes. Threading can also be used to remove fine, short hairs. Threading is generally considered gentler on the skin compared to waxing. It does not involve the use of chemicals or heat, making it a good option for those with sensitive skin. The results of threading can last for several weeks, as it removes hair from the root.

2. Tweezing: Also known as plucking, involves using a pair of tweezers to grasp and remove individual hairs one at a time. It is a manual and time consuming process. Tweezing is highly precise, as it allows for the removal of specific hairs. It Is commonly used for shaping and maintaining eyebrow arches. Tweezing is generally well-tolerated by most people and is suitable for sensitive skin. It does not involve the use of chemicals or heat. The results of tweezing can also last for several weeks, similar to threading and waxing, as it removes hair from the root. It can be done at home by individuals with the proper tools, but it can also be performed by professionals at salons.

3. Waxing: It is a hair removal method that uses warm or hot wax to adhere to the hair and remove it quickly when the wax is pulled off. In brow waxing, a thin layer of wax is applied to the eyebrow area, and a cloth or paper strip is pressed onto the wax. The strip is then pulled off, taking the hair with it. Waxing is generally less precise compared to threading and tweezing. It can sometimes remove more hair than intended, and there is a risk of uneven shaping if not done carefully. Waxing involves applying heated wax to the skin, which can be uncomfortable for those with sensitive skin. Additionally, there is a slight risk of skin irritation or redness after waxing. Similar to threading and tweezing, the results of wax

In summary, brow threading, tweezing, and waxing are all methods for eyebrow grooming, but they differ in terms of technique, precision, sensitivity, and the skill level required. The choice of method often depends on personal preference, skin sensitivity, and the desired level of precision. When it comes to using these different options after permanent make up on your eyebrows or micro blading We do recommend to tweeze as waxing or threading irritate the skin and promote pulling resulting in saggy or droopy skin on the eyelid in the long run.

Main Title



How to maintain my brows groomed after micro pigmentation or micro blading?

There are many options available, the most common we see are: Waxing, threading or tweezing

Here are the key differences between them

1. Brow Threading: Brow threading is a hair removal technique that uses a twisted thread to trap and remove individual hairs from the root. The thread is rolled over the unwanted hair, catching and pulling it out. Threading is known for its precision. It allows for the removal of individual hairs, making it easier to create precise and defined eyebrow shapes. Threading can also be used to remove fine, short hairs. Threading is generally considered gentler on the skin compared to waxing. It does not involve the use of chemicals or heat, making it a good option for those with sensitive skin. The results of threading can last for several weeks, as it removes hair from the root.




What are the differences?

MicroBLADING and microPIGMENTATION are both cosmetic procedures used to enhance the appearance of eyebrows


Micropigmentation, also known as NANO STROKES or machine strokes, is a technique that involves depositing pigment into the skin using a machine. Micropigmentation is often chosen by those seeking more texture, crisp hair strokes, and realistic appearance for their eyebrows. The results can last longer than micro-blading.

Learn these techniques from our INTERNATIONALLY AWARDED master Cecilia Johnson. our programs are available online or in person. You can enroll on the main menu simply select "become an artist" and sig

Microblading is an eyebrow enhancement technique that involves a hand tool creating hair-like strokes on the eyebrows with fine needles. Pigment is implanted into the skin


What is SMP?

February 25, 2023


SMP stands for Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Hair loss is a common problem that affects both men and women around the world. Did you know that about 4 out 10 men will experience hair loss of some sort by the time they reach middle age? Hair thinning or hair loss can occur at various stages on someones life. There are several solutions out there but it is important to recognize the right one for you. Scalp micro pigmentation can be used to camouflage scars caused by injury, surgery or burns on the scalp. It can also be used to conceal the appearance of alopecia areata, a condition that causes hair loss patches on the scalp.

How does it work?

It creates the appearance of hair follicles on the scalp, making it look as if the hair is growing. Scalp micro pigmentation can also be used to create the appearance of a hairline, or a natural looking shadow effect which can help to conceal scarring or hair loss on the scalp.

About the pigments we use

Scalp micropigmentaion involves depositing pigment into the scalp using detailed microneedles. The pigments used in scalp micro pigmentation can be matched to the color of the surrounding hair, making the scars or areas of hair loss less visible. One of the key aspects of SMP is ensuring that the pigments used match the clients natural hair color and density as closely as possible, to create natural looking results.This can be achieved by using a variety of pigments that can be blended to create a perfect match.

Lets take a look at a few benefits of SMP

Long term: Unlike other hair loss solutions like hair transplants that require a 4 to 6 month follow up, SMP can be used for up to 3 years or more with very little maintenance. It only requires some restorative pigmentation only if the pigment begins to fade.

Inmediate results!

The procedure gives immediate results that are visible. This does not involve any medications or downtime. In women it creates a fuller hair effect on sparse areas and on men it gives the shaved look.

Scalp micro pigmentation can be used to create a natural looking hairline. We use different techniques to create a hairline that is customized to the clients face shape and personal style. This can also help to frame the face and make the client look younger.

Are you ready to look at your best?

The SMP journey starts with a consultation, book yours now here on the main menu!

How to get the best out of your PMU training?

February 25, 2023


Having a great learning experience is so important when learning PMU, regardless if you are a beginner or still learning and developing your skills. The permanent cosmetics Industry is demanding higher quality PMU results as it grows in The US. Clients have higher expectations from their Permanent make up results. This is the reason why is crucial to learn the fundamentals with a great teacher that is passionate to transfer their knowledge to students or while continuing their education with our courses for intermedia and advanced classes.

Why the The Bespoke Academy?

What separates us from our competitors is our unique system that is part of our year long program. Our training structure ensures you understand, prioritize and execute, mastering your skills through our interactive program. This includes submitting assignments and receiving feed back from our master trainer Cecilia. We will help you succeed!

How does it work?

Your experience starts online with videos, graphics and classes with all PMU fundamentals that any PMU artist should know along with quizzes and practical exercises. Practice is key to polish your skills before you come to our fully hands on class and practice on your models supervised 100% of the time by Cecilia.

Ongoing support

As you advance into the profession questions are going to arise and you want to have unlimited support, we will help you by answering questions and give you guidance from your trainer after your certification.

High quality results comes by using high quality supplies

You want to work with the highest quality tools & supplies available in our industry, a good machine elevates the quality of your work in the short and long term. Also by having the best tools you will be efficient and your treatment sessions will run smoothly saving you time! For this reason we have included FREE of charge an Artyst machine kit with all the supplies you need to practice and perform services to your clients.

Artyst is a German PMU worldwide leader. Their products are made in Germany following the highest standards required by Europes strict regulations. Their pigment formulas are the safest to be implanted in the human body. It also ensures that the color will not shift to funky colors overtime, saving the client a headache in the long run.

Join us in the program that suits you the best, we have courses available online and in person. Enroll now from the main menu on this site.

Why are cheap prices for microblading or PMU a red flag?

February 21, 2023


If prices are cheap runaway!


Time is money!

1. Learning and developing this skill takes many hours of practice and it is an investment of thousands of dollars in initial and ongoing training. The permanent make up art is more complex than what it looks like and it takes a long time to master. It takes continuous practice and education. It takes years for a technician to become a true master!


2. Running a studio with all the legal requirements involved includes taking training for blood borne pathogens, pass inspections and contracted with a certified disposal service for medical waste in order to become a licensed facility all of which have yearly fees that need to be paid to be in compliance.

Legalties come with a price

3. In order to protect your valuables in your business, insurance is a necessary and it is annual expense. Paying taxes Taking credit card involves to paid expenses and processing fees to bank.

Fix cost

Covering expenses such as rent, salaries, utilities, equipment and quality supplies to provide the highest quality services is an ongoing expense (overhead)

Work to make a living

5. You have to make a living! Every treatment requires hours of detailed work, skill and knowledge required to provide a service. The time of an artist is very valuable like any other highly trained professional.

Finally, you get what you pay for, so make sure you are not putting your face in jeopardy to save some dollars. Look for the best treatment that will give you satisfaction in the long run and make your daily routine easier. Always look at healed results, because healed results show the true skill of the Artist.

Our team is highly trained and passion for the Industry. Book your appointment from the main menu.

Wrinkles go away!

February 21, 2023


Fibroblast treatment will take care of wrinkles

Do you know that sleeping on your face will cause wrinkles and puffiness? I know for some sleeping beauties it is almost impossible to avoid, but now, there is a trick! If you fold the corner of your pillow and sleep in the edge of the pillow so your eye does not touch you will benefit from: Long-lasting PMU eyebrow color Keeping your eyelash extensions in good shape smash free! Keeping your lashes from changing their natural growth direction! Have you seen eyelashes going towards the nose? Yep, that is because a pillow is constantly smashing them. Preventing bags under the eyes and puffiness. The constant compression on those areas causes this. Preventing extra wrinkles! The ones that our expression provides are enough right?

Is there a solution for wrinkles and saggy skin?

Yes there is! it is called fibroblast skin tightening. We are pioneers to bring this technology to The US and Michigan. Our services have been available for the Detroit metropolitan area since 2017

What is fibroblast skin tightening?

A Non-invasive, needle free, surgery free skin tightening treatment that erases wrinkles and excess skin. This innovative technology sets new standards for the treatment of skin conditions associated with aging, active lifestyles, and sun damage. Fibroblast Skin Rejuvenation is a dynamic new way to reduce visible signs of skin damage. It is a non-invasive procedure that is becoming more popular with men and women.

How much is it?

Duration and pricing varies based on the size of the area to be treated Price runs $250-$1000 per area. Includes first session, after care kit.

What areas can be treated?

Upper eyelid correction Under eye lines Facelift and neck lift Forehead lines Crows feet Nasolabial lines Frown lines Under eye Jowl All types of lifting Scar rejuvenation Removal of warts Belly tightening Breast tightening

The skin tightening journey starts with a consultation

Book yours now from the main menu and recover that youthful look that will make you feel incredible!

Do you have and unwanted PMU or tattoo?

February 21, 2023


Are you not loving your permanent makeup and searching for the best tattoo removal method?

If you are having PMU regrets you are not alone! There are different options in the market that promise to help lighten the tattoo ink like tattoo removal creams. Well, these creams have been available for years and their effectiveness is very limited by either bleaching or exfoliating the skin. Using tattoo removal creams put you at risk for infection, allergic reaction, pigment changes and scarring as either excessive abrasion or irritating chemicals are often used. None of these products are FDA approved and results will be limited to minimal fading.

Why is that?

Because when you get a permanent make up/tattoo needles are used to place ink into the dermis the living deeper skin layer which is covered and protected by the epidermis the outer layer. It would take a third degree burn where the dermis is destroyed to eliminate the ink. In addition, the particles of the pigment or ink are too large to be removed from the body by white blood cells through the lymphatic system like other debris or dead cells because they are too large for white blood cells to capture so the ink cannot be removed by the body or reached through the skin.

Since tattoo removal creams do not work what is one to do?

Saline removal or chemical removals work great in certain cases and circumstances for example when the main goal is to be lightening the pigment of the PMU. When there is a lot of saturation on the brows or when lightening the color will make it possible to work over it. Some other ideal circumstances for pigment lightening is when after laser removal sessions have been done and there is color pigment left that the laser will not be able to target like white, green and yellow.

About lasers...

A great option is to receive treatment by an expert with a tattoo removal laser. These lasers have been medically used for the past 25 years. All lasers work to remove unwanted tattoos by gradually breaking the large ink particles into smaller pieces which the body can then clear out by being carried by the white blood cells.

These lasers deliver wavelength and target certain colors breaking them apart. The color of the ink, density and depth are factors that play an important roll in how many treatments will be needed in order to completely remove an undesired tattoo. Another important factor is the age and overall health of the individual, the type of laser and experience of the clinician. No two tattoos are alike, so providing an accurate estimate of the number of treatments is very difficult if not impossible. This is determined after the treated area is completely healed, about 6-8 weeks.


How many sessions: The range can be as few as 2 up to 8 sessions, sometimes even more. Treatments are usually 6 to 8 weeks apart to allow the body to do its job clearing out the ink particles. Is it painful? Treatment is uncomfortable to painful and topical numbing and cold air can be used to reduce discomfort. What to expect? Some blistering is expected, and scabbing can be seen, risks include scarring and hyper-pigmentation. How much is it? Laser tattoo removal costs will vary depending on the size of the area to be treated.

How to choose a great PMU training/trainer

February 20, 2023


PMU is a highly in-demand career. Even though the industry has vast opportunities, it requires proper planning and preparation to succeed. If you are a looking to join the PMU industry here are some tips to help you to find a good training program or a trainer:

Cheap training is never good, good training is never cheap

A cheap class is a red flag, if you are paying 2000 or less for a 2-to-3-day training most likely you are setting yourself up for failure. An unknowledgeable teacher will set you back and most likely you will develop bad habits that are hard to break and relearn good ones.

One class one technique

It is very common to see schools offering lip, eyebrows, and eyeliner in a 3-day course, this is a huge scam! Permanent make up is a complex profession. Each technique has fundamental knowledge that differs from each other, for example working with lips is completely different than working with eyeliners or eyebrows. If you want to learn properly and master the skills learn one at the time, understand the fundamentals, practice a lot on latex first before doing models. Once you achieve excellent healed results start taking clients and perform several treatments until you feel confident in your work, then learn the next technique that you are interested in.

There are so many branches in permanent make up besides lips, eyebrows and eyeliner, there is scalp pigmentation, areola restoration, stretch marks and skin pigmentation.

Interview your potential mentor

We highly recommend requesting a time to talk directly with your desired trainer. A good trainer is committed to help and teach great skills to students, and they will be more than happy to talk to you and make sure that the PMU Industry is a good fit for you.

3 days is not enough

You want to join a program not just a 2

We offer year long courses

You want to become a skilled PMU artist or improve your existing knowledge and techniques?

Our training program is designed to deliver all the fundamentals to become a successful PMU Artist. The system is organized in 2 modules: 1. The online training, is available as soon as you enroll. It covers the fundamentals of skin pigmentation: 18 exercises, Demos, Case studies, Quizzes, Color, needle, skin, machine theory, Sanitation, Business aspects, Marketing & Social media, Brow design and mapping Our training program is designed to deliver all the fundamentals to become a successful PMU Artist. The system is organized in 2 modules: 1. The online training, is available as soon as you enroll. It covers the fundamentals of skin pigmentation: 18 exercises, Demos, Case studies, Quizzes, Color, needle, skin, machine theory, Sanitation, Business aspects, Marketing & Social media

2. Hands-on class: 2 days intense class 100% practical You will come prepared after taking your online class and be ready to put your knowledge into practice. We will practice on different materials and on a live model. Small classes for the best learning experience and continued support for the rest of the year long program through our online platform and direct contact with your master trainer. Enroll here from the main menu!

What are Nano strokes?

February 20, 2023


The best technique for realistic brow hair! No, it is not nano blading

Realistic nano strokes are a form of semi permanent makeup that creates the appearance of natural looking hair and are a great option for those with sparseness or complete brow hair loss. The process involves etching fine, hair-like strokes into the skin, mimicking the look of real hair.

Pigments matter!

The pigments used in the process of realistic nano strokes are an important aspect of the science behind the technique. They are specially formulated to match the color of natural hair as closely as possible. This is important to create a natural looking result.

Your face is unique, so your brows should be too!

Choosing the right shape and color for your brows, is an important step in the process. Here are some tips to help you choose the right shape and color for your realistic nano brows: Determine your ideal shape: The shape of your brows should complement the natural shape of your face and enhance your features. Before the procedure, it s important to discuss your desired shape with your artist and to bring in pictures of brows that you like as a reference.

The brow color is key!

Consider your natural brow color: The color of your nano brows should match your natural brow color as closely as possible or if there is not existent hair flow correctly with your skin color and undertones. Consider your skin tone: The color of your nano brows should also complement your skin tone. If you have fair skin, it is best to choose a color that is not too dark, as this can look unnatural. If you have darker skin, a slightly darker color may be more appropriate.

Choose an experience artist

Nano strokes is the hardest technique to master in PMU, make sure you choose a knowledgeable artist that has worked on a lot of different skin types and look for healed results. We often see people researching for micro blading near me and then they go with the first option showed, but its crucial making your research and find Nano strokes made with a machine or a powered device as this will differentiate from nano blading or micro blading. from nano stokes. There are some common mistakes such as choosing the wrong color, shape or thickness that we need to be aware of. It is best to consult with a professional and provide them with a detailed description of the look you want to achieve. And most importantly, do your research and choose a reputable and experienced artist to ensure you get the best HEALED results possible!

Common mistakes to avoid

So let

Proper aftercare is crucial

The PMU healing process can be a little tricky and without proper healing the color retention will not be great. The lack of proper aftercare can impact the longevity as well as the look of the brows. Here is why PMU aftercare plays such an important role. Not following proper aftercare can expose your skin to risk of infection. Improper aftercare can also lead to the removal of ink pigment from the skin, thus causing the finished product to look botched or unfinished.

Cecilia is an international speaker and multiple award holder in nano strokes, check out her work from her instagram page @thececiliajohnson you can book your appointment from the main menu.

Bespoke Give back Program

February 18, 2023


Cecilia is the Founder and owner of Bespoke Permanent Cosmetics & The Bespoke Academy based in Auburn Hills, Michigan serving thousands of clients.

Her specialty is creating eyebrows from scratch for each face using her signature technique realistic nano strokes.

One of her biggest motivations is to give back to the ones that have experienced hair loss from alopecia or cancer treatment.

She donates her time making brows for the ones that have no existing hair on their brows, so they can enjoy the convenience of having realistic and natural brows daily.

She uses a micro-pigmentation device. This technique is ideal for alopecia patients because it is friendly with their skin and provides the ability to create dimensional effects that cannot be achieved with a manual method like micro-pigmentation nano strokes.

She has developed her signature technique to create realistic nano strokes providing very natural results. Cecilia pays special attention to the details not only on female brows but for male brows to provide undetectable results.

Who is a good candidate to receive a free treatment through the Bespoke Program?

- Those who have completely lost their brow hair due to alopecia or cancer treatments. - Patients that have finished their chemotherapy and have received doctor

Lip Neutralization

February 15, 2023


Is it possible to brighten up lip color?

Any PMU technique should be taken seriously because requires extensive education and practice. We are working on human faces and if it is performed prematurely by an inexperienced technician scaring, permanent damage in the skin decoloration or uneven pigmentation can ocurre. Unfortunately our Industry in The US is not regulated and ventures amateurs are jumping freely to offer services and education with no experience or knowledge whatsoever. Our responsibility as PMU artist is to educate our audience to prevent them from having a headache. Lip color neutralization requires a combination of in-depth color theory, needle knowledge and specific techniques to perform treatments safely and with good results The wonderful thing is that when is well perform the results are breath takin

Safety Protocols

July 21, 2021


Most people have microorganisms on their own skin or mucous membranes that do not cause a problem unless the skin is broken. Pathogens can transfer from another Person If the skin piercing tool is contaminated, pathogens have a way to enter the body. The skin piercing object becomes contaminated by the following:

The object is contaminated by the infected blood/body fluids from the client or the practitioner. Pathogens that could be introduced are HBV, HCV, or HIV. From an unclean work surface in the environment. Invisible pathogens could be contaminated in very small amounts of blood/body fluids.

By the workers hands allowing pathogens to enter the clients body for example via tattoo needle. It is possible that blood from an infected client that has contaminated a PMU machine, exposes other clients to an infection.

Blood does not have to be visible on an instrument or a needle to transmit infection, so all tattoo needles should be ONE time use and properly disposed of immediately after.

Contamination can occur when:

Strict operator hygiene is not observed Our best advise is follow safety protocols every time with each client and follow up with them during the healing process. Document any infection if there is any.

Top Ways to Decrease Quarantine Stress

July 14, 2021


Make Your Bed

This one seems very simple and it is, but you

Reduce your caffeine intake

Coffee can feel like a good way to get the day started, but you will eventually feel the crash. Caffeine can lead to anxiousness, high blood pressure, etc. if it is consumed too often. You do not need to cut it out completely but pay attention to how much you are having

Decorate and Declutter

Yes, these two tasks can compliment each other! Creating a space that feels neat and decorated with items that make you feel relaxed will lead to a more productive / stress-free day. We suggest decorating with Himalayan salt lamps, plants, healing stones or even a

Exercise and Stretch

All it takes is about 20 - 30 minutes of exercise everyday to create a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is proven to help decrease anxiety and stress because our bodies need a way to release endorphins. You do not need to join a super intense HIIT class in order to start feeling a healthy balance in your life but just be sure to prioritize enough time to find something that works for you. If you need to try something with a slower pace, Cecilia loves yoga! Even taking your dog on a walk counts, just get moving!

Read a Book or Start a Journal

Taking a few minutes out of your day to wind down is very important. Our minds need to find time to relax and not constantly worry about work. Reading a book or journaling is a great way to calm down at the end of a busy day. Plus, it will get you away from your phone right before bed!

Message @thececiliajohnson via Instagram to share how you like to destress!

How to keep your eyebrows on point during your vacation

June 26, 2021


Have you Been dreaming about going somewhere warm? Spring is knocking on the door and it

There are a few things to take into consideration before you hit the beach! Permanent make up can give you those dream eyebrows that you always wanted that stay with you no matter if you

Planning your appointment for your eyebrows or permanent make up it is best to book your leave some time between the healing process and going on vacation. even if this is a small touch up. If you are in a rush and you don

Please keep in mind that it

Henna brows:


Brow lift and tinting:

Creates a fluffy look on your existing hair and the tint helps to boost the color off the eyebrows this mean that will provide a long lasting hold and will keep you off worrying about doing your brows on your vacation time.

Whatever you decide to go take care of those brows Have lots of fun and make sure to tag me when showing off your perfect brows on on your trip. @bespokeyebrows

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